eQapital custodies fiat and digital assets in segregated accounts within a closed network, providing our clients peace of mind with the knowledge that their assets are held with a trusted and reputable third-party while maintaining the integrity of exchange-customer relationships.

For exchanges, eQapital delivers a B2B2C solution. Exchanges are able to move both their fiat and digital assets to a trusted third party who can extend credit to the exchange and provide daily settlement across both assets. eQapital offers fiat solutions for G10 currencies helping exchanges mitigate FX risks and allowing them to trade in the base currency their clients prefer.

Similarly for Brokers, eQapital end-user clients are able to control their fiat deposits in multiple currencies with multiple brokers in a single ecosystem. Through an e-wallet system, end-users can associate their accounts with brokers, where eQapital holds the end-user client asset, and extends credit to the broker to trade away. eQapital settles the wallets intra-day as trades are executed with the broker via an API.